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Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now Knowledge House™ has always placed special emphasis on strategic planning. For start-ups as well as running businesses, we analyze the goals, vision and products and create the blueprint for success. WHAT MAKES A STRONG STRATEGIC PLAN – AN OVERVIEW Values: A company’s business plan must be in alignment with its set of core values. This includes customer values, business value, employee values and social values. These values are then correlated with the business vision The Plans: Once we have analyzed the values, we work hand in hand with the client on forward planning. Financial, product, operations and marketing planning are essential for the success of any business. We ensure that our talents and efforts are available for clients in any of these core areas whenever needed. Finance: The success of any business lies in its financial plan. We create/analyze revenue and expense projections, balance sheets, cash flows and exit strategies for the company in the financial plan module. Operations: The operational plan creates an organizational chart for the company. Job roles and descriptions are defined, SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) are created and software automation (SRS) is accordingly planned. Marketing : This is the most important part of the strategic planning. Marketing strategies include Product idea validation, Research, Consumer Insights, Advertising, Promotional material, Compensation plan and rewards and recognition are discussed and developed.



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