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International Business Setup Services

Once you have decided to establish operations overseas, we help you protect and grow your overseas operations with an integrated solution for your HR, finance, tax and legal needs. Our network with International consultants help you take informed decisions. We represent your company to save on cost and time. Having the ease of one firm and minimal points of contact saves you time, money and takes the stress out of these processes. This allows you to focus on growth. Our one point of contact services works seamlessly. Services provided include : 1. Business registration 2. Company formation 3. Legal and fiscal administration 4. Office registration 5. Immigration assistance 6. Employment and recruitment 7. Operational assistance 8. Funding for international projects 9. Post-establishment 10. Complete sales, marketing, PR and advertising management 11. Complete web and marketing materials development, preparation and translation We also provide the following business consulting services in addition to modules described above : 1. Cultural Immersion and Training 2. Organizational and Cultural Alignment 3. Global Team Building 4. Multicultural Workforce Development 5. Executive Coaching and Development 6. Relocation services including real estate sourcing and transaction closure More than ever, maturing global organizations must consistently improve efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance and manage localization issues across one or multiple countries. The road to global growth is all about managing risk, costs and a global workforce. Knowledge House™ Management Consultants is with you, in expanding your business to the world Locations. Please contact us for more detailed discussion



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