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'short term flexible consultation modules'
2018 is full of opportunities, Expand your Business across India or even abroad, expand your turnover by ten times. We as Business Consultant can help you in making a long term and short term strategic plan, Franchising, Finding suitable partners, Sales Growth, relationship management etc. We work with SME, MSME, startups and even Corporates. Contact us for Business Growth Consultancy. Knowledge House Management Consultants Call 7720005081 Visit
Diversify your business in 2018, under new tax regime, its always beneficial to have multiple businesses for better profitability and low risk. Knowledge House Management Consultants offer you best strategy and long term plan, we also help in finding new ventures, Expansion of existing business across India and abroad. Contact us today for initial consultation. Call 7720005081, 8999202938 Visit
Start-up phase: what is your strength and what resources do you possess? what do you possess that you can take a gamble with? what experiences and setbacks have made you stronger? who are your partners right now and who could be your partners? Plan: What is your ambition with respect to:individual development;co-working skills;entrepreneurial skills;business development;economic, social and environmental impact of your business Have you developed suitable Start up strategy, Have you made your basic Marketing plan, Have you Budgeted for the annual expense? A Start Up company, must ask itself these questions. Contact us for sound consultation, During first year of the Operations. Knowledge House Management Consultants have worked with several Start ups and Product Launches. Contact us for initial consultation 7720005081 8999202938
If your Business is few years old and you are offering unique product, service or Process then you must think about Franchise Expansion. Your Brand can be leveraged to create wealth, There are few Companies like Franchise India or Franchise Asia which help in making your brand visible. But they charge pretty high. We work very closely with you, right from Strategy to execution to take your Business to new heights. Our best product is, Consultation for Franchise Expansion. Feel free to call for initial consultation. Call today 7720005081. Knowledge House Management Consultants
Marketing in simple terms for SME and MSME. Marketing is all about, - Finding the right Customers, who need our Product or Services. - Retaining the Customers by giving best services. - Getting the Customers to bring more Customers thru Value added services. Knowledge House Management Consultants help you in achieving your desired Market Goal. Visit today Call us today