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Global Strategy In our supposedly globalized economy, business is often advised to charge head first across borders as if the whole world were one seamless, flat marketplace. But the world isn’t so flat in reality. Businesses that don’t take into account specific political, cultural, and economic differences are doomed to fail. Picking up the phone and asking your lawyer or accountant to take you global or to fix something in your current global operation isn’t going to cut in today’s sophisticated global economy. Knowledge House™ Management Consultant provides a pro-growth, yet pragmatic, results-based approach to global market entry. Our delivery is flexible enough to allow you to participate in separate service modules and structured enough so that you can participate in the entire end to end solution. Typically, a solution might consist of research, strategy and execution. Services provided include: : 1. Data collection and market analysis 2. Executive Summary 3. Business climate and government policy regulation evaluations 4. Market research report on entry barriers, success factors, decision-maker process and key influencers 5. Partnership identification 6. Market, economic and political overview 7. Routes to market 8. Investment overview 9. Recommendations 10. Trade fair selection 11. Trade fair preparation, translation and commercial assistance 12. Post event management, follow up and closure Your requirements at this phase may be for a more comprehensive primary and secondary research package or could be much more basic. Our expertise allows you to assimilate information on the ground in specific geographic regions. Strategy Services provided include : 1. Internal/external analysis – information gathering to establish a shared fact base about the potential opportunities and the choices available 2. Go-to market analysis and strategy (sales, distribution, licensing, JVs, M&As, etc.) Strategic decisions – understanding facts, trade-offs, competitive considerations and investment risks 3. Implementation – plan and execution Execution : Strategic meetings are established with a diverse group of potential partners, competitors, business and government experts so that we are well-educated and prepared to take the next level or execution. Knowledge House™ Management Consultants have capability to create high-level and often, elite international business network. In addition, we have the training and experience of conducting and closing business at the highest levels of commerce and government. We help clients in global consultative sales. That’s one key differentiator, the other is our ability to provide clients constant consultation, which is much needed in International Business. We have track record at focusing on top line growth and acquiring key human capital simultaneously. This will translate into results for you.

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